Reply To: Add more levels!

Avatar photoWargasm

I agree. I want unlimited levels. Every time I look at the perk tree and think of all the perks that would work brilliantly together for a particular themed campaign, there are always too many to pick them all, and it eats up whole days getting all the way to the top level, and still you yearn for more perks. I expend so much nervous energy around perk choices. I wouldn’t mind if level-ups were restricted to 10, but I want at least 20 perks or ideally unlimited perks, and I want it to be fairly quick to acquire the first 10 or so. Alternatively, perhaps each time you reach a new level, you can choose either 2 level-ups or 2 perks or 1 of each.

But level-ups also invoke much nervous energy, and it’s frustrating how sometimes most attributes have just a +1 or +2 upgrade available, but then other times almost everything is +3 to +5 but you can only upgrade 3 of them. So many wasted opportunities. A +1 or +2 upgrade is never exciting, so I think all upgrades should at least be +3 and that you should be able to upgrade at least 4 attributes each time.