Reply To: First feedbacks after last update (new skills and injuries)

Avatar photoMike

I very much enjoy the update, mostly the banishment of numerous ridiculously OP shenanigans (“machinegun-bows”, I’m looking at you).
“Freeing” the perks from trees was a great decision, I love the newly-acquired flexibility in tailoring each brother to his role.
While I’m all for the new injury system I think it needs some deeper development – right now it feels quite random and easy (new “Hold out”) to circumvent on the part of company.
“Special” equipment is sadly random too, with numerous examples given for how it can flop in a hilariously spectacular way.
That beeing said, going in good direction!


i think chance of hitting by bow and crossbow in the back of team- brother should be at least lower than the enemy…

Why so? If we assume the melee is dynamic, it’s quite impossible to predict where each combatant will be when the shot lands. If we assume the static formation is kept, your men are actually shielding the enemy from the archer standing behind their backs. Either manouver your men to give them a clear line of sight or aim at people further back. Or switch to melee weapons.
There’s a good reason why aside from hollywood stunts nobody in their right mind tries to shoot into hand-to-hand involving their own, even with modern firearms which are infinitely more acuurate than a bow or x-bow.

– While you have a “support” item on your guy (such as bandage or antidote) […] I think it could be nice if this kind of ability would always come at last

Speaking of support items, I think there should be at least 2 slots for them. We can lug up to 4 halberds on our back – and equip them instantly, no less – but cannot keep both a bandage and antidote vial on our belt? Plain silly… Make it require a perk if you have to (would make sense to include it into “bags and belts” IMO) but add more slots.