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I was supporter of more levels back when perks were divided into trees as we were pretty much forced to pick at least some that we didn’t want. With the latest update the system is very flexible and there is just enough points to make various specialists without going into OP territory.

I want at least 20 perks or ideally unlimited perks […] all upgrades should at least be +3 […] at least 4 attributes each time.

Would you also like an “I win button” added? Seems like a logical conclusion ;]
On a more serious note a lot of the actual game is making decision on how to spend limited resources, perks and attributes included. Removing those limits would undermine all the efforts at making a challenging and interesting game. If you would simply like to test your ideas I think such unlimited development of characters would belong to some kind of a separate “sanbox” or “custom scenario” mode.

— If there’s a limit on level-ups, the ones who’ve already been level 11 for some time become boring, since you can no longer develop them
— You find yourself using the max-level ones solely to disarm and injure opponents, and then keep waiting turn so that the new guys can come along and finish them off to gain more experience points
— Once most of your company is level 11 and you have lots of crowns, the whole company becomes boring and you deliberately send them into battle against orc warriors/warlords with only modest armour, so that you can then recruit lots of new, interesting people that have lots of development ahead

— Winning easily all the time is boring, and so there’s nothing to stop you (with more or unlimited perks) from making things more challenging by (a) sending only a restricted # into battles, or (b) having an “outlaw build” or “peasant build” where you only wear green/brown cloth/leather that fits with a forest environment and/or only use simple/tier-1 weapons and no large shields, or (c) having a “naked savage” build where everyone fights naked but can use whatever weapons/shields they like, or (d) having a build where you can’t purchase any weapons/equipment and can only use what you loot, etc. etc.
— If you simply play to win as much and as easily as possible, however, you gradually learn that certain choices are always going to be less advantageous than other ones in some/all contexts, and this prohibits you from playing with certain perks/styles/strategies which otherwise would be very fun to play with, and causes campaigns to become a bit monotonous

— I did suggest a “custom scenario” where you’d be able to experiment with different perk combinations; however, that still wouldn’t allow for a themed campaign where you impose certain restrictions on yourself and therefore need more perks and skills to compensate or just to develop the theme to its fullest

— With more perks and level-ups, you’d still have to choose the order in which they are picked etc. and characters would not be over-powered until they reached a very high level
— Over-powered characters, as well as ones that have reached max level and can no longer develop, become boring and force you to use your imagination to make things interesting again (e.g. by keeping lots in reserve and fighting against overwhelming odds, and/or using more basic tools and equipment)

— With less frustrating level-ups (e.g. more attribute upgrades and minimum upgrades of +3) and/or a more rapid acquisition of upgrades, the game as a whole could still be kept equally “challenging” by increasing the size/skill/quantity of enemy forces emerging as the game goes on, or even by reducing the number of upgrades to 8 but giving a choice each time of 2 perks or 2 level-ups or one of each
— Either way, you’d still eventually end up having to use your imagination to make things interesting again once people were too powerful or could no longer develop; the only difference is that the process of getting there would be less frustrating