Reply To: Ideas for a "Full Experience"

Avatar photoJago

Well it looks like the max number of brothers isn’t limited to 12(?) anymore. The huge battle screenshot on Twitter gives us reason to believe that.

Maybe some kind of overall level for your mercenary band, renown/fame, could determine the number of brothers you can hire. You said it, I like the idea.

The idea behind the limit of 12 brothers was to keep battles uncomplicated and clear. However I don’t mind fighting larger battles, as long as I can speed up the enemy movement.

Invasion events: Well that’s the idea behind the game. Some evil force is trying to conquer the land. Events and special contracts will eventually lead to a spectacular boss-fight that can stop the invasion.

Not sure about the drinking. That depends on how complex the moral system outside battles will work. Gotta test that first in EA, but I believe BB will be fine without this feature for now.

Horses would be extremly cool, but I doubt that we’ll ever see some. The terrain of most maps would probably be to difficult for horses and would add unnecessary complexity. A while ago I suggested that horses could be used like a shield. Aside from making you move further, it will also reduce the chance of being hit (the horse would take the damage instead). However horses would be much more expensive than shields.

Knights are against your role of a band of mercenaries. You’re not a noble and can’t become it by fighting for money. But maybe, if a renown/fame system is implemented, your brothers can become beloved heroes of the townsfolk. Thus you can gain access to better paid contracts by the nobility.