Reply To: Pay Increases

Avatar photoHanekem

Like I said, the debs says they wont have a fighting player Avatar.

Not that there won’t be a player Avatar.

Honestly, having a Captain would be interesting, his or her backgrounds would shape the game (what is easier for the company, what the “endgame” might be)
But Barring an avatar, I’d like to have Company upgrades, which would be more or less the same wit the exception that instead of being a person that is tied to the perks or enhancements, it is the banner.

Yeah it’s off-topic but tiz a slight shame the devs are opposed to having a player avatar, maybe they’re worried players would be too protective over it on the battle-field? I guess having a customizable portrait is the most likely thing we’ll see, but as one of those last editions.

The wages not being capped does make a kind of sense though, people always want more, and the cliche policy amongst an adventuring body is each man earns a share of the booty (i.e. 25% captain 25% officers 25% men 25% maintenance), and on that premise those men might go without pay for months with the promise of future riches.

I think that was how Pirates operated.