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I miss it a bit in the story since it keeps bringing my person up, i.e you approach xyz, you drop a head on a desk, you like dropping heads on a desks.

I think it might be more flavorful to have a variable “string” for a name in those descriptions, alongside a little custom mini-you portrait to converse with the other portraits and bare your standard on the map. As it is I feel very removed from whoever is doing the talking for me, and that dude feels very separate to the company itself.

And then if that data then exists, would it be hard to implement a mode where you have a mortal battle-field presence, and tie the ceasing of his/her existence as a game fail state? idk, but I will say the captain in text does not seem like someone who takes a complete backseat in combat. But where does the buck stop I guess :/ .

Yeah some pirates vaguely used those sorts of systems, I would suggest, as something that might be cool or might scale horribly, the company could go by weekly payments, with lesser fixed income (than is current) topped up with a percentage of the week’s earnings. So taking on lots of hard work is good for their purses rather than something that should be avoided, and would perhaps balance better than a flat increase on all wages every day.

But I’m being very rude now to the OP :p sorry!