Reply To: Character and Company Strategies with the New Perks/System?

Avatar photoJaffai

-Tier 1
Fast Adaption: Not so bad, but there is better stuff.
Crippling Strikes: Most of injuries are useless. Nope.
Colossus: No way I’m using any points on HP, nine lives is better than this.
Nine Lives: Great perk, I try to take this always.
Bags and Belts: It costs item’s half fatigue to keep them in inventory, I don’t need this.
Pathfinder: Very nice perk, makes difference on forest and swamp, why not on grass too. Halves fatigue penalty of movement, more fatigue is always nice.
Adrenaline: 30 fatigue is expensive, I don’t use this perk.
Recovery: I want to like this perk, but didn’t really have use for it. Brother loses his turn using this.
Student: I always take this, brother needs 3k less experience to reach level 11.

-Tier 2
Executioner: Extra damage is always nice, but it’s rare occasion when it triggers and matters. I don’t take it.
Head Hunter: Good with axes, I guess. Nothing mind blowing.
Bullseye: You should target easiest target to hit, not hardest. So no thx.
Dodge: Initiative is low with heavy armors, so no.
Fortified Mind: Resolve is useless, no.
Quick Hands: Great perk with duelist, nets, crossbow-2handers and others.
Gifted: More points is always good, I find myself taking this.

-Tier 3
Backstabber: Very good perk, better chance to hit enemies.
Underdog: I like this too. When brother gets surrounded, he needs all the help.
Anticipation: Nah.
Shield expert: Doesn’t give brother that big bonus on melee defense, but makes shields harder to break.
Brawny: More max fatigue, I take this always.
Steel brown: Not utterly useless but there are better perks than this.
Taunt: Nope, maybe if it was area, not just single target.

-Tier 4 Weapons
I mostly use Warhammer as they work best versus battle orcs. Crossbow perk is nice too, more damage.

-Tier 5
Reach Advantage: Um, no
Hold out: Most of injuries aren’t that devastating to take this perk. If brother gets major injury I want to withdraw him from close combat already.
Lone Wolf: Advantages of this is not enough to send brother on suicide mission.
Footwork: Bit expensive fatigue wise, but I take this on every brother. Most broken perk at the moment.
Rally the troops: Not worth to specialize to resolve rally, company loses more than gains.

-Tier 6
Berserk: Too situational so I skip this one. I have to check it with bow user.
Nimble: Armor > melee defense, so big no.
Battle forged: One of the best perks in the game. Frontline brothers will use this.
Rotation: Why use this if brother can use Footwork? Nope.
Sergeant: Again, resolve is useless. I don’t use this.

-Tier 7
Fearsome: This is tricky one, I want to like it but most of the time brothers do more than 15 damage. Does it trigger with Warhammers 10 armor ignore damage?
Killing frenzy: 2-handed users don’t really gain anything from this. Bow users and 1-handed users could potentially make more damage but I find it bit too situational to use. I find myself picking perks that work always rather than this.
Indomitable: Too expensive fatigue wise. There is no need to take this when brothers can use Footwork.

Frontline build
All points to melee attack, melee defense and max fatigue.

Dps build
All points to melee attack, ranged attack and max fatigue.