Reply To: Character and Company Strategies with the New Perks/System?

Avatar photole_souriceau

Adrenaline + Killing Frenzy + Berserk works pretty good with archers. Its possible to destroy enemy ranged support and lighty armored units in first round of combat, to lesser extent – soften some hard ones. AND If melee situation is critical, adrenalin-pumped archers can always help front line (or themselfs) with doubled output of melee attacks (perfect with longaxes + Backstabber).

My recent (and pretty effective) band looks like this:


UH – ultra-heavy, health + max armor, elite guys with long axes (i have 1 tile heavy axes too in case of orcs) to cover flanks. Battle Forged makes them pretty durable.
A – archers warbows/longaxes (capable in melee), only weak spot is rather light helmets for shooting distance.
1s line, medium-heavy armor, all with shields (Shield Expert taken – actualy helps + Underdog). Shieldwall use if needed.
M – shield/mace, guys with most melee def (flanks), they stun enemies if in trouble.
Wh – shield/warhammerer, guys with most fatigue for armor craking.
Ax – waraxe/shield, my weakest fighters.

ALL with Footwork, Adrenaline and Fearsome, it gives great spike damage/morale shock and to some extent mobility (at price of risky fatigue issues).

Hail of arrows and then just grind everything to dust in melee.

Not very fancy or imaginative and boring… but I can beat more or less every possible enemy in game so far. Works fine with stock weapons and armor – but rare finds can boost too even more raw power.

Ghosts and tonns of orcs still give some painful troubles anyway.