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is it possible to use some of the new banner designs on some of the shields?

I totally agree, but I have to see if I manage to squeeze in the time for that.

Can’t wait to a new “user banner” contest,

If Ill get the opportunity to add more player banners, I will have another contest :)

ey Paul, you said someday that you will make fighting orc tribes (event) better, by knowing which orc is from which tribe. Maybe it’s good time to do it?

To be honest I parted from that plan. First of all it would be a bunch of work that is basically just eye candy. On top of that I gave it some more thought and it doesnt really make sense to give the player an easy way to tell them apart. If you watch a big, chaotic brawl its never easy to tell who is fighting whom. Especially if they belong to a completely different culture, like the orcs.

They look more like mumified human corpses than some feral creatures.

Exactly :) I wont spoiler yet, but this is not a rework of the ghouls :)

the lost patrol …. and instead of just finding the patrol one has to fight the now undead patrol.

Fun idea, I like it.

Am I the only one, that thinks, that one cannot recognize the Goblins in the Goblin banners at all? The closest is the spider banner, pointing on the fact, that Goblins utilize their poison; but that’s as far as it goes.

I personally like the banners quite a bit. The basic premise was to make them look different than the orc banners (white paint on dark background). The references of Goblin banners you can find online are very scarce (except warhammer fantasy, where they opt for a colorful, comical look).
The poles they are using emphasize their skills in metal working and should resemble imperial roman banner poles while not looking too similar.
I expect a lot of people don’t think they look very “goblin-like” because I invented my own style here and did not use an existing stereotype.

PS: May I suggest this pole layout (see the attached picture) for the first Orc banner?

Looking neat, as I am still working on the bandit banners anyways I’ll put it in :)

Cheers guys!

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