Reply To: Big Animals/Monsters + Contract suggestion

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I’m uncertain about greek mythology, but I’d dig giant rats, bears, and european monsters like wyverns and trolls
We’ll see I guess, I’m sceptical they’ll have time for a multi-tile system, but some cool 1 tile beasts would be nice.

So the Greeks aren’t Europeans?

I know what you mean, but more variety is always good, but the basic idea was of having monsters that need to be killed in a certain fashion to make it stick or to avoid it becoming a bigger problem Or that need to be fought in a certain manner to avoid an ugly (and/or quick) death

Ha you got me, that was quite ignorant of me sorry :p. I mean to say a lot of this takes place in dark forests, marshy soils, cold rocky climbs, and freezing snow, so my presumption is all these pale white men are stuck somewhere in the medieval north (NE Germany, Poland, Denmark, W Russia, Lithuania etc.). A place where in some pockets catholicism still has yet to reach, and rumors of trolls, witches and heathen gods are numerous.

And so my immediate thoughts exclude ancient greek monsters, but if there were to be an expansion with mediterranean-esk folk and sweet-ass byzantine gear and greek fire, (and there the devs made large monsters a thing) then I think it’s only right to throw in harpies, gorgons, and the like. But otherwise I would only suggest manticores, sirens, and the like depicted in medieval bestiaries and folklore.