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Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

In the case of banners – not that you want to hear that – but in my honest opinion they are to complex. Old ones were simple and efficient. The new ones are overkill especially the bandit ones. Buts its minor complain.

Some of these standarts weights 20+ kilos. Are they belongs to beastmen from Warhammer:FB?

I guess the bandit banners do look heavy, I guess they might be displayed on a wagon maybe??

What I think might really help is just having a few tamer more mundane ones, pirate themed or, as with the 6th flag, disgraced noble banners just blander (set on fire, turned upside down, torn in half), having a few bland ones will also make the others a bit more memorable when bandits attack you bearing a horse’s head on a stick.

Those fallen heroes look spectacular btw.