Reply To: Balance feedback after 100h of play on highest difficulty

Avatar photoJaffai

There are 3 important stats already. Melee def, melee attack and max fatigue. There is no room to lvl up any other stat beside those ones. After those three i would lvl up, ranged attack and initiave.

Major balance issue for me is that opponents dont have tools to fight against heavy armored brothers. After I get scale armors game becomes grind.

I too try to avoid graveyards and forests.

Forest is bit too thick with too many trees.

Adrenaline, I guess you are using with rest perk. But you still lose your turn even if u get first turn next round. You need insanly high max fatigue too with that combo which makes brother lose pontetial ranged capabilities. I guess it could be used early game before you get heaviest armors and when every hit counts. But late game it does less dps.