Reply To: Some bugs and feedback for the game

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Firstly, thank you to create that game ! It is something new, something amazing! I have enjoyed that!
BUT! The last patch is as terrible as good it is. New weapons, skills, injury (that makes the early game fcking hard), new AI is epic, makes me feel like I play a real strategy game finally. But the “but” is there. It is too hard, i mean it is not challanging, it is madness, i have started a new game in veteran. It is ok, but the fact, I fight 7 ghouls with 7 mercaneries, I surrond one of them with 3 of my man, and i cant hit that ghoul under 3 rounds, (yeah it is 18 hits.. in early i can hit two .. ) but he kills my man… that is more than challanging, its a sh*t, made me really angry when it happened other fights too. The other one is bows, and crossbows, you totally failed in the new patch, it is not make the game harder, if my man hit his brother from behind them in 1 -2 tiles, pllllsss bows the same, its more than hilarious, i just laughed i massacre my own man with my archers, so my archers are only usefull for one turn? LOL bull… It is ok my archer sometimes hit my man from a 3-4 tile distance while they are in the shieldwall, but my archers hit my man more times than it find the enemy… ( I played in the new game 1 hour 8 battles, with my crossbow companion i could only have 13 hits… it is not that fucking hard to aim with a crossbow… anyway from 1-2 tiles, 5-6 meters.. i have tryed… 90+ chance to hit somebody… in real life)
Please make something about that… That makes the game hilarious, and i won’t play it until you fix. I was a peacefull player, but now i can’t play that without makes me really angry.
Sorry! You are all nice! Your game is fantastic anyway. Just please do that fix!
Best regards,