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Hey there, no worries, I’m working as hard as always :)

one of the helmets be damaged above an eye slit in such a way, that the lidless eye underneath, staring out of the hole, would be visible?

Thats a cool idea, but as all fallen heroe equipment is usable by the player I think it would look a little strange on a regular human.

I am working on the “ancient dead” as we now call them. They’re almost finished but I dont want to show you everything yet.
The next two weeks there will be no posts as I am taking my long awaited vacation.

To not let you starve too much, here’s some pics of the ancient dead.

Here are the armors:
This is how it might look on a battle bro:
Here’s the ancient dead’s weaponry:

There are two more units I dont want to spoil yet though :)

Cheers guys!

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