Reply To: Different types of arrows

Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

Yeah bespoke arrows could cost more of an ammo supply, similar to javelins, but have their own quiver. Or just cost two arrows on the battlefield to fire, as some form of special ability, to simplify it for the player and artist.

It’d be nice to have different types of ammunition, like…
Primative: A thin length of rod some tipped with bone, stone and lesser metals.
Standard: A strong shaft with an iron bodkin, made to cheaply supply the demands of the war economy
Poisoned: The crude tip of this projectile hosts a vile poison that bleeds and renders drowsy foes
Hardened Steel: A steel bodkin that more readily pierces maille.
Broadhead: A flat and costly steel arrowhead, made to bleed foes but less so armour

I’d also like it if ammo had a random recovery rate.