Reply To: Some bugs and feedback for the game

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some further issues:

In my newest play through I entered a battle between a caravan and some bandits and won, but I decided to reload because I was curious whether letting the bandits kill the caravan would yield more loot :-). on the reload however the Bandits and the caravan where no longer fighting, simply two parties standing in close proximity who each went their way.

Also I encountered a town with a blast furnace, but there was no armor smith in town or otherwise access to more armour or weapons Town Felswacht. Also Hornwall directly to the south has a surface iron vein, which should increase access to weapons, but the town has an armorer not a weaponsmith.

I also encountered the problem that in battles the delay turn button is sometimes greyed out even though it’s the characters first round. The button is clickable, but the graphic implies it’s not.

I’m sending savegames for the first two problems to you email. the third I have no specific savegames for because it happens in mid battle but the problem is frequent in the play through, you could probably recreate it in a battle or two unless the problem is somehow dependent on my computer.

P.S. You never answered how to make logfiles.