Reply To: Character and Company Strategies with the New Perks/System?

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Hi people,

I was checking for some ideas for my battle brothers, and loved this topic.
So here my builds (dont know what to choose for the last perk):
1°) 6 front line soldiers with heavy armours shields and skills associated, one-hand and two-hand weapons.
2°) 2-4 second line axemen with armours, double-handed axe and crossbows and a shield if in need of survivability.
3°) 1-3 archers with longbow to snipe low armoured enemies, pikes and ten more arrows in the backpack.
4°) One captain with high resolve in second line fight to blow the horn once a battle and give all other brother +10 in a lot of skills (3 specific skills needed).

So to me, here the essentials perks :
1) Must have :
* student to reach lvl 11 faster without loosing a perk.
* pathfinder for maximum mobility on all grounds.
* gifted to maximize fatigue, melee offense and defence (+4 or +5 in each a the same time is a great beginning for a fast upgrade)
* quick hands to switch between weapons to maximize damage in every situation.
* a mastery perk (axe, bow and sword are my favourites).

2) Good ones :
* berserker and kiling frenzy because gaining 4 AP (ie a free attack) and 25% damage always kill the enemy faster.

3) Specific ones :
* For melee fighters : brawny and battle forged because the heaviest armours make me feel like orcs ;)
* For first line : shield expert to not be in need of a second shield in the backpack.
* For second line : back stabber to increase hit chance with polearms or longaxes.
* For range fighters : bull eyes and head hunter to optimise range damage even in forest.

4) Leader ones :
* Get a flagellant and make him pacified. Then max his resolve until 80 and take fortified mind to reach 100.
* Get Sergeant to give +15 resolve to all your band.
* Use rally the troops at the beginning of each turn with 100% to increase morale and give 10 in melee and range offense and defence.