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The discussion about lategame on one of the streams there was such a suggestion:
We understand that lategame is not ready and not ready by appropriate balance under it, but the trend to replace all the mercenaries including starting on knights and sellswords not disappeared and talents only partially changed the situation.
Suggestion: add acquired trait (such as strong or brave): “veteran”. The essence of action is similar to moral action only constant – increase in the percentage of certain attributes (of course % and what exactly – it’s all at the discretion of developers and easily balanced) Terms of occurrence of this trait – can be typed experience points + the number of days in a team + the number of defeated enemies + total fame and so, too, at the discretion of the developers and also easily balanced.
1. There is already in-game mechanics to implement it.
2. Rise the value and dedication to Veterans, even if it is a fisherman or a lumberjack

Thank you for reading.
Sorry my Google translator.