Reply To: What is the best difficulty to choose for Ironman?

Avatar photoSarissofoi

Well like you said.
It is preventing you from nothing actually.
You can still manually backup or split yours saves.
Reroll battles until RNG favors you.
Avoid most negative events.
Save scum and check recruit stats in cities.
Its purely for bragging rights in current state.
But its that because its still early access.
There still some bugs happen – although it was really long time when anything bad happen to me – and believe me you don’t want to be locked in some battle because RNG battlefield cause enemy stuck loop in battle – imagine that happen for your 300+ days run and there is no way out. Re-rolling whole battle saves the day. So I assume until RNG factor gets perfected and bugs get eliminated we get this Ironman mode.
On the other hand game should be played without savescumming.
It isn’t that hard when you grasp how things work and after some point its mostly impossible to lose until you go full retarded.