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We’re at a stage now where we feel we have the minimum variety of what a worldmap should have in order to work. Different terrain is something we’ll definately add, but as with most things, time is the limiting factor. It’s always a trade-off; do we want more interesting contracts first? Do we add more enemy types? Do we invest into different worldmap terrain? The ocean is indeed something we’ve planned, as are unique sights peppered across the lands, like an active vulcano. Mountains can already be crossed, albeit very slowly and using more provisions than normal to keep your men healthy.

It’s obviously a bit early to talk about DLC, but indeed, just from a general perspective, a ‘Seafaring DLC’ would be what we’d like to add. A chunky expansion that adds a whole new dimension to gameplay. Another popular vague DLC concept is the ‘Oriental DLC’ which would add medieval-age oriental equipment, character backgrounds, story events, monsters and southern terrain-types like desert. Like you touched on, Jago, the introduction of just a new terrain type opens up a lot of possibilities for neutral beasts that would roam on that specific terrain, for example in the desert.

It’s pretty much the same with the assets for tactical combat. We’re going to add a lot more of them – for dungeons, caves, ruins, villages and other locations present on the worldmap. This is likely going to be one of the things we’ll tackle relatively soonish after the Early Access release, not least because we’re a bit sick of the green plains ourselves by now.

The image showing the shack above is not a screenshot but a mockup, i.e. something composed in photoshop to test things out. Adding the shack to the tactical combat maps in a satisfying manner proved difficult because of the hex-based nature of the maps and we didn’t find the time yet to really work out a good solution. Hopefully, if the game sells well enough, we’ll be able to start working fulltime on Battle Brothers and really make some progress :)

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