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Once horns are added they do look more like demons then ghouls

The Ghouls will not only get a rework concerning their stats and visuals, but also lorewise.
And they will get a new name. That said, they won’t be your run off the mill fantasy ghouls anymore.
So I think we can get away with adding the horns :)

On top of that the old Ghoul just had one visual. I basically just added more variety. The old one is still amongst them.
Ghoul variety

In hindsight I actually think it may have been a mistake to use the names “Orcs” and “Goblins” for two of our factions as they invoke extremely strong expectations and are already precisely defined by tons of fantasy reference. So whenever we stray from the path of the “known lore” people get confused or disappointed.
Thats one of the reasons I dont want to call the ghouls “ghouls” anymore.


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