Reply To: Party Buffs

Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

Like your idea. But I prefer to a captain perk system for such needs.

As in upgrading some form of player avatar? idk, in the case of my suggestion it makes a lot more sense to attach perks like map movement speed to how many scouts you have, or how good your food is to how many chefs you have etc. Especially since late game there’s not many reasons to hire a mixture of professions.

The devs also kind of seem opposed to having a player character, despite the written references to “you” as a someone leading the company relatively close to the action.

A suggestion I’ve made that is similar is perhaps having static company values that might mix-up your playstyle, so you could be, for example, a company of beggars that the noble houses dislike.

Or I suspect you might be referring to the perk tree, and upgrading certain characters to get company-wide perks? Which again; there’s no reason to hire certain tradesmen late game, so I’d propose giving these perks to the commoners rather than letting warriors learn them.

Ultimately this might encourage a party to host a variety of support staff in addition to their homogeneous group of hedge-knights and sword-masters. Such as medics, smiths, quartermasters and cooks.