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The “not-ghoul-but-eaters-of-the-dead” designs are great! As I don’t have a preconceived notion on these creatures, and orcs and goblins have so many incarnations in so many fantasy settings, I don’t get hung up on that, too. I never saw or heard any game-related releases saying, “Tolkein-esque Orcs & Goblins!” (which then makes me wonder, “books or movies?”) Don’t sweat it.

I do like “Weiderganger”, though. I just wish my Deutsch wasn’t so rusty that I can’t remember the roots of the word. :-(

If you do change names, please pick, or make them like “Weiderganger”. I suspect there’s a very specific meaning for that “auf Deutsch”, but I have no idea, so I just think, “Weiderganger! What a kick-ass name!” ;-)

Hmmm … “Eaters-of-the-dead” … that wouldn’t be so bad. But all I can think of is, (PLEASE!! forgive me, Deutsch speakers!) “Todenessenern”? :-?

Anyway, it all looks better and better! (HOWEVER, I didn’t see a skunk banner in the last update … :-P)

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