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When I think of Scandinavian or Germanic elves, the impression is more of a goblin-like creature.

The orcs could be seen as a type of Troll, is there any sort of word for a troll-like creature that would work?

In scandinavia we have several words for dark mystical elves and goblins. In Norway the general term for all this type of creatures is underjordisk, directly translated to “undereartly”. Most of them can be adressed as vette, tuss, bokk, skrömt, or even as alv/dverg (elf/dwarf).

It is also common to use mörk or svart (dark/black) as a prefix to clarify that these are not the good kind of mythical beasts. Another logical prefix would be the area where they are encountered. Skog (forest), fjell (mountain), haug (hill) would all be natural.

With a bit of licentia poetica, we can end up with names like Svaartbokk, Mörkwette, Haugtusser, Skogskrömt, Mörkhaugbokk, Svaartalv, Skogdvergskrömt, etc.