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Poor warhammer :'( Yeah I’m pretty sure it was souly a copyright issue.

Yeah the look of the goblin/orks is quite hard to do away with, in a different hue maybe the orcs could wear a different title, but the goblins with the large pointed noses and ears are very hard to think of as anything but. For me it’s just how skilled and lethal the goblins are that clashes with the troupe of them being a high quantity low quality race.

The “Ghouls” could be anything though, the classic ghoul is a nimble gangly humanoid, whereas yours are quite stout and demonic. So I’d resuggest something like “Carrion-Fiends”, or something more germanic/latin.

With the lootable crowns, idk I think if we just get something generic like “Ancient-Treasure” we can kind of presume there’s looted crowns and jewelry in the pile. And maybe something similar could exist with the orks like “scrap-iron”.
Arming our mercs with crowns might be good for a laugh, but mechanically and contextually it wouldn’t make a lot of sense, I could see myself using the bronze armours and weapons in a pinch though.

The crowns look great though, I love the vibe you’ve given the faction.