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I browsed a little and found: “chrēg” (= war; Old High German). (I think the plural form then should be the same as the singular form.)
In my opinion, it sounds good and goes nicely with the Orcs’ lore.

For completion’s sake, I’d like to add that my suggestion means to pronounce the “e” short (, since I think, the thingy above the “e” is supposed to make the “e” pronounced long). So it can be spit with all one’s contempt like “Dreck”(in German) ( ), hence it would be written “Chreg”.

Regarding the names of the Orcs and Goblins. You are making a lot of cool suggestions, but the more I think about it, the less I am convinced that we can get away with just changing the names. These two factions are obviously Orcs and Goblins and it may even look silly if we try to give them some other name.
Kinda reminds me of Games Workshop calling the “Orcs & Goblins” “Orruks & Grots” in Age of Sigmar (I suppose some kind of copyright issue or smth?). I think its pretty hilarious…..


The “Ghouls” could be anything though, the classic ghoul is a nimble gangly humanoid, whereas yours are quite stout and demonic. So I’d resuggest something like “Carrion-Fiends”, or something more germanic/latin.

Though I like its meaning, in my opinion, “Carrion-Fiend”‘s ring is too slick and not edgy enough.

I’d really like to know what name you (guys) gave them. ^^
However that be, have you something new to show? It’s been a while, since you did.