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What about making the Ancient priests crowns lootable as treasures, would be a good way to counter the high risk – low reward problem

Sounds reasonable, maybe we do it like that. Another solution would just be having them drop more treasure loot in general.

Question about Orcs – are war paints for them still planned? I am asking because Dev Blog #83 kind of reminded me of the need of being able to tell to which side each particular Orc in the Battle of Orcs belongs.

Its not planned anymore. I somewhere mentioned that I changed my mind about that. I dont think you should be able to tell them apart. Just like watching a fight between two groups of wild monkeys, no human would be able to tell who belongs to which group :)

I wish the we had a base or headquarters

There won’t be a base in this game. Maybe in Battle Brothers 2 :) It doesnt work in the game we decided to make here, but it would make a lot of sense if the whole worldmap etc would work differently.

it’s just how skilled and lethal the goblins are that clashes with the troupe of them being a high quantity low quality race.

Yeah thats the problem. We should have known that if we make “Goblins” the people have pretty exact expectations. Our goblins dont meet these expectations so people get mad.

I’d really like to know what name you (guys) gave them. ^^
However that be, have you something new to show? It’s been a while, since you did.

We have a name, we will reveal it in one of the next blog posts :)
I am working on a bigger “Artwork”, thats all I can tell for now. It took me last week and it will take the rest of this week. Beginning of next week I will get back to more frequent updates.
I am really eager to show you the big piece, but it will take some more time.


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