Reply To: Mortality Reputation?

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I think thats a good suggestion. But if you go further with it:

What about of glory searchers? what about if you have high losses but acomplish really difficult tasks? its a twisted path what you suggest as there are as many reassons to punish a player for his losses as are for rewarding him for the same reassons.

This path Includes new personal traits, new mechanics, a reputation mechanic-twist and, as i see it, tons of work for an allready work in progress.

In the end, is the player (i feel) who decide if a task its too much for the group or the losses are worth it.

I understand that your suggestion encourage the players to play safe. But I think the game allready have enought mechanics that acomplish the same. Lossing 4 brothers of 10 because a bad fight/decision/decisions is (in my opinion) bad enougth.