Reply To: What is the best difficulty to choose for Ironman?

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I would recommend veteran. Expert is very brutal and my playthroughs usually end abruptly within the first month. If veteran gets too easy go expert :). Personally I really enjoy rogue likes and the early game in BB so I don’t mind the low resources at the start and the lategame is pretty much the same. Crossbowmen can kill you in normal, veteran and expert if they get some lucky shots. In the end it’s completely up to you to decide how to play this game.
The only downside of expert for me is that rerolling maps takes forever. If my guys have garbage traits or the map is bad I reroll and since this happens a LOT I usually reroll for at least half an hour. Anyways, when you get to day 200 or so you will be swimming in crowns and at this point you mostly want to recruit very talented guys with good traits so recruiting and dismissing becomes a much needed gold-sink.