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Avatar photoLove Gun

I wanted to put one in, but decided to cut it later.

Man, why do you always decide to cut the good stuff – just like the pipe-smoking merc from the sketch of the main menu background. ^^

Heres a sketch with the Nachzehrer in the very background

Interesting (that sketch poses more questions than it answers ;P), have you also done these placeholder “assets” (is that the correct term? ^^) or where are those from and what purpose did they originally serve?

Have you ever thought about recording (and maybe explaining/commenting a little) the painting process of one art piece? If it takes very long, it then could be made into fast motion video in between. This actually could have been a cool addition to this week’s blog.^^ Maybe this is an idea for a future one, where again the focus is on the art.

Regarding the Nachzehrer: I think, it might have been a good idea to let him be the aroar orc in the foreground on the left, drivelling and roaring so heavy that the spittle flies.

Back in the day we called the game “Terror from the Keep” and it was very heavily xcom inspired.

Cool pun. ^^

Another idea:
I recently read the Fangshire’s fluff text ( ) and thought, since eyes (of enemies) can already glow red, why not make the Fangshire’s wearer’s eyes glow yellow in the night, just like the text suggests(, as long as this isn’t already a thing ^^)?