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Hey Paul,
thanks for taking the time to answer that extensively.

Of course and I already did so, allthough its not for Battle Brothers. Its just a time lapse video for an artwork I did for Shards of War.
Painting Timelapse

Some things I noticed while watching:
I think the time lapse is too fast.^^ Sometimes, when one finally notices, where you are drawing, you are already doing the next thing.

Also personally, I would like to know the reasoning behind (some of) the actions. (e.g. at 0:20 you draw a part of her jacket buckle, and shortly after that you delete it, only to redraw it some time later (you also interchange the left and the right part of the jacket buckle, the reference shows it the otherway around); is the mirroring of the picture just a video editing shenanigan; at 4:02 you close the hole in the pants on her thigh; at 4:09 you add more seams to the jacket)

And one doesn’t have the slightest sense of time. How long did it actually take to draw the single parts and finally the whole picture? Would be nice to have some reference.