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I think the time lapse is too fast.^^ Sometimes, when one finally notices, where you are drawing, you are already doing the next thing.

I recorded the video without any photoshop windows and zooms. It’s a lot easier to watch, but just like you mentioned you wont notice when I zoom in to paint some small details.
Here’s another video where I recorded all the zooms etc. It#s easier to follow what happens, but it can be difficult to watch.
PS: Better turn off the music on this one.
Time Lapse 2

I think the time lapse is too fast.

These vids where produced as casual marketing material for Shards of War and have no educational value whatsoever :) Thats why they are so fast.

(you also interchange the left and the right part of the jacket buckle, the reference shows it the otherway around)

I decided to have the buckle on the outer side, because it creates a more dynamic silhouette and makes it easier to “read” the jacket by not interfering with its internal shape too much.

is the mirroring of the picture just a video editing shenaniga

It’s an extremely important technique to assure that your picture is balanced and doesnt tilt to one side or that proportions are skewed. The picture has to work no matter if the image is mirrored or not.

at 4:02 you close the hole in the pants on her thigh

The hole didnt work, it interfered with the readability of her pose.

at 4:09 you add more seams to the jacket

Just adding details :)

How long did it actually take to draw the single parts and finally the whole picture?

The whole thing took around 4 to 5 days to paint with an additional day o´r two of sketching and gathering reference material.
The concept artworks where done before that by another artist.

Ok, number 1 and 2 – i see how it can be used like a pike, even 4 and 8…may be

Lets just assume enemies simply get hit over the head with those things :)

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