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Here’s another video where I recorded all the zooms etc. It#s easier to follow what happens, but it can be difficult to watch.

…and may cause epileptic seizures. ;P

PS: Better turn off the music on this one.

If I only had followed your advice. I am now instantly willing to “order my jungle” (or whatever). (Come on, it isn’t really that bad. ^^)

These vids where produced as casual marketing material for Shards of War and have no educational value whatsoever.

In my simple, uneducated understanding, it would have had a higher marketing value, if it had also been educational – but what do I know.

By the way, that video gave me an idea: What about an unique “boob plate” armor for our brothers to wear? (An Easter Egg so to speak.) That would be funny. ^^
Build us a “boob plate” worthy of Mordor Battle Brothers.
Even if we don’t have a Dark Lord, we could have a drag queen! All shall love her him, and despair! ;P

Just adding details

Generally, thanks for explaining those examples.
Adding the seam there was in particular one of the things I noticed that seem completely random to me; would have been fine without it. Why was it necessary to put a detail there, on that spot? Looks like you don’t know either. ;P Maybe that is one of the things that doesn’t really have a reason. ^^