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Also, I it would be really sweet to have a “digital artbook” that included the progress graphics from this thread. … and also a skunk banner for my mercs! ?

My plan is to put a lot of infos in the art book, just like the Keyvisual Blogpost. I’ve made 29 Progress shots of the keyvisual painting, so theres plenty to explain. It won’t just be a bundle of artworks. Can’t make any promises regarding the skun though haha.

In my simple, uneducated understanding, it would have had a higher marketing value, if it had also been educational – but what do I know.

If I remember correctly they had length restrictions for the vids. Those restrictions of course where just made up by some marketing guys I suppose.

Adding the seam there was in particular one of the things I noticed that seem completely random to me; would have been fine without it. Why was it necessary to put a detail there, on that spot? Looks like you don’t know either. ;P Maybe that is one of the things that doesn’t really have a reason. ^^

I wouldn’t exactly call it random. In general objects closer to the focus of the picture need more detail and better rendering. Apart from that its just my gut feeling and experience. Normaly I also make up clothing, armor, faces etc up while painting. It’s not like I always have an exact plan in my head :)

By the way, that video gave me an idea: What about an unique “boob plate” armor for our brothers to wear?

I’d be careful with this stuff. The whole “women” topic is already pretty explosive. Let’s not wake sleeping dogs haha.

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