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Avatar photoLove Gun

Hey Paul,

very nice, as always!

At 0:35 you have added the wrong text to the picture. ;P

The lost-screen looks like an inside job. ;P He must have been striked down by friendly fire.^^
I don’t recognize that guy’s armor. Does that mean we will get an additional armor for our mercs?^^
Come to think of it, shouldn’t the “campaign lost” screen better depict many striked down/dead humans, since it is necessary that all the squad is killed in order to lose the game?
If you would like to fix that, I think a “cool” and “easy” fix would be, to have an already dead human’s head or limb in the foreground, instead of the grass; and maybe some more scattered weapons, to give the impression that, outside of the scope, one would see a battlefield. Right now one is prone to think, the depicted person was shot on the run and is about to die all alone.

Some ideas unrelated to the points above:
What if the downed guy would also spit some blood? I would like that. In my opinion, it would emphasize even more, that this guy actually hasn’t given up yet, that his will isn’t broken yet, but his body, that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, so to speak.

As for the ruined buildings, what about adding stains of fire damage to some of the windows or the holes in the roofs? But then again, if there would have been fire, then most likely the whole building would have burned down, unless the residents would have extinguished the flames in time.