Reply To: Schiltron formation

Avatar photoOh Brother

You can already pack your brothers tightly with designated “tanks” protecting softer targets, maybe the geometry isn’t as pleasing as a circle but it serves the same function.

Sure, if your company consists of 10 tanks and 2 ranged units. But I generally have 3-4 ranged units and 1-2 polearms.

Doubling the amount of soldiers on the field would send the game’s balance haywire. It also goes against the basic premise of running a company where each brother’s survival is meaningful and every move in battle matters. Plus, as the units in battle move one at a time, it would only hasten the arrival of the common mid-late game problem of bigger battles dragging out unbearably.

How exactly would doubling the number of units send the game balance haywire? In case you didn’t know, there’s an option to increase unit movement speed, which can greatly reduce the duration of a protracted battle. I don’t know about you, but I have faced an enemy force nearly 40 strong, so I think the game can handle 24 brothers at one time. After all, the game is all about battle right? Maybe you just don’t have the mettle for long, carefully executed battles, and that’s okay.

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