Reply To: Some thoughts about initiative figure

Avatar photoKlique

Food for thought,
a mechanic wherein a defender that evades an attack due to his defence skill takes a penalty to offence skill, -8%, stacks 3 times (totally arbitrary numbers), reset at end of turn.

Thematically, 2 combatants, one seizing the initiative and go on the offensive while the defender is to busy defending to strike back until he can steal the initiative, and the tables turn.

Gameplaywise, would give initiative its own role as a stat for “locking down” targets in prolonged combat, best defence is a good offence if you will. Without making it a two-way street, the quicker guy would have already made his moves when he recieves any attacks back, and any stacks would be gone for his following turn. Enhancing the feeling of acting first on a turn-by-turn basis, rather than taking the first swing of the battle, then trading them. Also adding a tactical choice, If you’re the slower guy, do you want to desperately flail back while off balance or wait for your opponent to tire himself out.

Even if you still wouldn’t put any points in INI, the system would still somewhat shift the balance of power away from heavy armor.