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At 0:35 you have added the wrong text to the picture. ;P

I think you mean the placeholder text. While I was painting the final text had not been written yet so I had to just put in some random stuff to get a feel for the look.

Right now one is prone to think, the depicted person was shot on the run and is about to die all alone.

Everybody dies alone :)
No but seriously, I intentionally showed a lone guy crouching through the undergrowth before breaking down and giving up. I wanted to convey a feeling of desperation and hopelesness.

As for the ruined buildings, what about adding stains of fire damage to some of the windows or the holes in the roofs? But then again, if there would have been fire, then most likely the whole building would have burned down, unless the residents would have extinguished the flames in time.

The ruins will have smoke coming out of them for some time after beeing destroyed. I still have to see them implemented and then I will make some more adjustments if neccessary.

here some oddities I noticed recently:

Can’t say whats the reason right away. We’ll have a look at it when we find some time!

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