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On top of that here’s a little something in preparation for the late game crisis:


Hello Psen.
Good to see your new work. Excellent like always.
Can you share some more info about destroyed settlements?
Specifically if there will be possibility to reclaim them and rebuild?
Do ruins can become infested by faction who destroyed them or generic beasts/bandits/undead?
Do you plan throw few ruined settlements for a player to find and help reclaim them or help noble houses expansion?
I have also question about events that precede invasion and settlement destruction.
Could it be predicted like getting courier from noble house who will ask for help or some plans that are recovered as loot from battle against enemy factions? Also do these events happen separately from player activity or they are only connected to it?

Also I must admit that I really like this armor dying soldier wear – isn’t this old plate coat? Are you plan to add it again to game? Would be great.
Thanks for your work. Hope to see more soon.