Reply To: Question/suggestion for devs

Avatar photoAstroKazu
First off : I m a big fan of the game.
I just realize I have 100 + hours with my Battle Brothers !

There are 3 things I like to see in the final version of the game :

A caravan with followers. I’ve seen few topics and it's an excellent way to have ''base building'' that keeps the ''mercenary way of life'' touch u want.
Some followers may even improve their skills in town. E.g. a medic can buy a special book or take lesson with a famous doctor (or a quack!)
your weapon smith can learn new techniques... 
And a way to defend the camp during the night.

I'd like to have the ability to heal brother on the ground. I'm not a big fan of random one blow can kill one of my men. I'm talking a man with full armour-stamina-shield not a wounded fool on first line!  The brother is on the ground and you have like 3 turns to stop the countdown. 
It would be nice with that idea, to have enemies with the ability to kill your brother on the ground. E.g. all animals can eat the poor lying soul. Vampire would feed on them but skeletons don’t mind them. Goblin with wolves are nasty dudes.  Orc berserkers like to kill anything on their way  but Orc warriors are too proud!!!
More stress and tactics I think.

Main quest would be awesome. Looking for an artefact or a treasure so we can retire in peace. Or some mercenary's dream I don't know  (please not a lost father/son/wife  !!!!)
Different missions to find the exact location.

The game is already fun as it is. Its just some thoughts.
I know nothing about creating a game and coding. 
Thank you.