Reply To: 90% of Combat Sounds Don’t Play

Avatar photoNed_52

All of my drivers are up to date, and the game is not muted, I still get ambient sounds such as birds chirping and sounds of movement as well as the occasional kachunk or miss sound it’s just that those sounds that play when attacks are made do not play 90% of the time, there is no swinging sound, no woosh or grunt when the attack lands just the usual sounds as if nothing is happening. It isn’t a hardware issue as every other game I play is fine with perfect sound quality, including Battle Brothers it’s almost as if the sound files for the attacks are no longer there or at least not playing.

I have done multiple fresh installs and verified the integrity of the cache on steam 5 times, never once has steam told me a file was missing. Launching from a desktop shortcut or directly from the steam apps folder does not change anything and the problems continue to persist. I have tried multiple times to launch the game with nothing else except for steam open and even if I did have other programs open it is not as if the other sounds are messing up or playing quietly or out of sync since every other sound EXCEPT for hit and miss sounds plays when it should in perfect volume and quality.

I have not played the game for several updates and decided to get back into it recently only for this issue to occur, I haven’t played since a few months after the map overhaul but had no issues relating to this at any point in my 70 hours of gameplay. This problem isn’t occurring across a single campaign I have tried new ones multiple times just for this issue to occur in both the tutorial and all fights after this.