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Hey there,
I’ve read the suggestion and will reply, because its somehow art related.
More diversity and a smoother item progression is always a plus. Nevertheless the idea has several downsides to it which might not be obvious.
First of all the inventory and shops would be spammed with tons of items if we would have 6 quality grades for each item. Combine that with “not putting a lot of work into the art” and all quality grades would more or less look the same.
The result would be players constantly hovering over similar items to read the tooltips to tell them apart, which is a usability nightmare.

You could then implement more filtering options to the UI but that means more programming work…

As I mentioned before, I dont think the idea is bad, it just needs more work than you think to be properly executed. As a matter of fact we already created “rusty” versions of all weapons at some point during developement to have more item diversity. We then decided to have different “tiers” of weapons instead of quality grades to have an item progression.
So you could say our tiers are your quality grades, just executed with a lot more effort for a clean implementation.


btw heres a work in progress shot of another retirement screen – this time its a happy end :)


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