Reply To: My Boatload of Suggestions Since Playing

Avatar photoNed Stark

I’ll just continue adding on things as I come across them…

It should be possible to track an enemy on the world map upon left clicking them. This way, when following a target, you don’t keep having to left click and run by them each time the target makes a quick turn.

Enemy hideouts on the world map could have different sizes and should spit out units to harass the countryside accordingly. Additionally, camping outside an enemy hideout should get you attacked. Or shot at. Or something. Currently there’s just an intense staring contest going on each time I walk next to a goblin hideout and wait for it to get dark.

This is a major one.
Returning to the SAME battlefield that one was just at a couple hours ago (1/12th a game day ago), should not have all corpses, their armor, and their weapons, missing. Having my squad nearly wiped, and returning to the battlefield with two fresh men to finish the three skeletons was very frustrating, and possibly impossible to come back from… Had I known that battlefields are reset each time you leave, and all corpses and equipment deleted, I’d just have toughed it out and risked killing the 3 remaining enemies for all the loot that the enemy and my company had dropped.

(Even funnier, and a sidenote, the story referenced obtaining the necromancer’s head… and in that battle, two of my best soldiers fell adjacent to him, with their weapons and armor mainly intact)

Another major one.
Lastly, have a pop up dialogue occur when you’re out of money. Negotiate with your men instead of having them randomly leave and you try and guess who it was that just left. This pop up dialogue can follow a similar pattern as when you’re negotiating for the pay of a contract.

(It was easy for me to guess, as it was one of my two ranged fighters. Twas my original Battle Brother, in fact, and the one with the highest ranged skill in the company.)

The attached picture is for giggles. It’s my company trying unsuccessfully to race down the road back to the quest city before noon strikes.


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