Reply To: Perk Ideas

Avatar photoOrthega

My opinions:

Ram is very similar to Ork’s charge (and stronger with the included damage), so it’s a no (I mean, should remain an Orc only ability).

Blitz could be very useful for a two-handed build or knife build, and personally I like it a lot, nice one!

Firm Grip would synergize too much with the Duelist perk I fear, but I have mixed feelings about this.

Fleet Foot it’s too strong for 2-handed weapons that strike from 2 tiles away, as it gives free distance without giving your enemies a free-attack or using up a lot of fatigue with the Footwork perk.

Blood Rage I kinda like the concept, but how about having the same value as a malus if you’ve not taken damage? That way it’s not simply a boost if it happens, he needs to be hurt, else he’s less effective.

Exploit Weakspot it could be as I tend to ignore Initiative as a stat, and that would give me a reason to invest points into it, but at the same time I don’t really like the effect.

Nimble Fairy good one, I would drastically reduce the fatigue value, as experienced fighters tend to dodge a lot, and either adding this to the Nimble perk or making it a character trait.

Weapon Toss sorry I don’t think this one will work, being in a realistic settings you can’t simply effectively throw every weapon (maybe changing this into a knife specific perk that gives knife users throwable knives?), and this also brings the question “do you recover the weapon?”, as projectiles are not recovered but always use up ammunitions.

Counter Shield mixed feelings about this one too, I mean I like the idea but we already have the Shield Expert perk, and a mace user would benefit too much from this combo I fear.