Reply To: Morale Checks While Stunned?

Avatar photoOrthega

I think you’re “defaulting” to how the “Stun mechanic” is built in many games.
I mean in most games the “Stunned status effect” completely incapacitates the target for a set period of time, but one could argue that it’s just an arbitrary gameplay decision (and a completely correct interpretation of the meaning that word carries, but not the only one).

Let’s say you’re referring to a “Hard Stun”, while in Battle Brothers you get only a “Light Stun”, that dazes you for a turn but still leaves you (mostly) capable to defend yourself as you’re struggling to recover.

To me it’s fine calling this a Stunned state, even if it differs to what being Stunned is in most of other games =)

the enemy who fleeing in panic continues to hide behind the shield if he covered before then panicked. I can’t agree with this too )

If I’m not mistaken, a stunned or panicked character do lose shieldwall, are you sure about it?

EDIT: Sorry RusBear I read that backwards, my bad XD
I think that if a character routs and starts fleeing from the battle, he’s turning and leaving its back exposed (and with his mind numbed by fear he doesn’t realise that by doing that he’s in more danger than if he kept defending himself), that’s why dropping shieldwall and other sustained abilities while panicked makes sense to me.