Reply To: Advice on Direwolves

Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

They’ll almost always move first, so unless you have the armour for it, you’ll have to be able to kill them on the 1st turn they spend closing the gap,

Honestly though there’s no profit in fighting them. You’re just better of taking up quests against the undead and bandits that’ll yield you the loot you’ll need to guarantee you won’t take loses against “fast” enemies.

I guess you could try going without ranged attacks, go shield and club & spear, have your spears fend them off, and your clubs stun them, while your polearms work behind whatever shieldwall you can muster. Since wolves get about 3 attacks a turn, a swordsman might do well using the Riposte with a shieldwall. Shields are most important though.

But best advice is to avoid them till you can take hits