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Avatar photoNed Stark

Thanks for the replies.

I think I’ll have my bowmen carry spears in their inventories from now on.

Handling direwolves on day 4 is hard, but I think if I had my ranged units equip spears during the battle (since I couldn’t react as the wolves jumped me from in the forest at night), and had the front ranks shield bash the wolves back, then I could have the ranged units help with the spearwall, and let the direwolves do all the damage themselves.

I believe that my ranged units were more of a hindrance as I first used them, because they had to line up a shot (that’d likely miss, low accuracy + night) with the enemy backed up so that they didn’t shoot my own troops (which doesn’t happen without shieldbash or my pitchfork-er, as direwolves are faster than all of my day 4 men), and lastly, the ranged units only had knives once the direwolves closed in on them.

I’ve always been throwing away the basic wood club. Now that I think about it, the basic wood club could have helped in this fight too.

At least I have some more ideas when dealing with wolves. Hopefully I’ll get to use these ideas after day 4 next time…

Thanks all.

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