Reply To: Suggestions (with pictures)

Avatar photoNed Stark

I’d agree, some very needed, and some easy to fix improvements are mentioned here.

I think I can honestly only add one suggestion.

7. Buy-Sell price in tooltip

Because sometimes the current price on the item’s icon is not clearly visible –

Adding price to the tooltip makes sure noone misreads it; besides, we have a free space there which we can efficiently use.

If there was an addition of a shaded box behind the yellow (or white could be used) digits of what an item cost, then you wouldn’t need to hover over it to read it clearly in the first place.

8. Current LVL of Bros in post-battle screen

Though this suggestion could be solved in a completely different way with introduction of obituary..

I do believe I’ve read somewhere that there was going to be the addition of a “Memorial”. A place where you can view the stats of your best fighters. Though, I admit, I would like knowing on the spot who exactly that it was that is now missing their head.

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