Reply To: Recommend Dialing Down Veteran Difficulty Level

Avatar photoNed Stark

In my opinion, some games you simply need to start at a lower difficulty. I don’t think many people start playing X-COM on “Classic” difficulty. Also, FTL: Faster Than Light may be another example of this, if any of you have heard of this game (though FTL has a simple tutorial that lets you gain your bearings, and Battle Brothers just gives scenarios, then promptly drops you on your head).

Since I was more stubborn than a mule when I first started playing Battle Brothers, I did not ever start on Beginner, but instead had about 30 hours of death spiraling, as you mentioned above.

In short, once you learn how to play well, then I do not believe that Veteran is overwhelming so much as it is challenging.
I do believe that an actual tutorial should be added to the game though, hopefully with an option to enable/disable it.

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