Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photoarteofwar

I agree with grove knight. There may be as you say, better artists and teachers but I and I think many others like your style. I feel it adds the perfect flavor to the game, and seeing the older art compared to now is really amazing. Your process is certainly worthy of being shown and taught, I think many people would get a lot out of it including myself. I have been working on a Viking age board game that takes place around the area of Lofoten Norway, and includes other areas of northern Europe. I have had to start over again a few times because although I love my game concept, I feel that my art was not really conveying the mood that I was looking for. I think your style would be a perfect fit and would like to try and emulate it in my own way, so I would look forward to a tutorial in the future.
For now though, I certainly will continue to enjoy checking this page to see your latest work.